Fit2GM – February 2019

February has arrived and with it another edition of Fit2GM. I’m changing up the format just a little bit this time around (because I can never leave well enough alone). We’ll with a section called “Fit” for update on my health, then transition in “GM” for a retelling of gaming exploits from the past month. Lets get started…


The scale has been pretty friendly to me over the last month. I’ve lost around 11 pounds bring me a new weight of 462 pounds. I’m down 68 pounds overall since I started my diet back in September.

Damn…I need to clean that scale.
I can fit into some of my graphic tees again…Avengers Assemble!

Things have gone fairly well on the diabetes front, although my numbers are not as low as I would like. My 30 day average blood glucose is down to 115, with a 90 day average of 116. I’d feel a lot better if I was able to get that down to a 90 day average of 114. My numbers indicate an a1c reading of just over 5.4, slightly missing my goal.

Screen cap from my Diabetes App – Livongo

Ketogenic dieting has proven to be an effective strategy in my case. It’s easy to follow and I’m well past the point where carb cravings are a problem. My strategy this month is more of what I have been doing: a low carb, high fat diet with a target of no more than 30 net carbs, and 2000 calories, per day.

On top of the keto diet I’m experimenting with intermittent fasting. This basically means restricting my eating to an 8 hour window each day. The idea is to deplete the glucose stored in my liver so that my body has no choice by to used stored fat as fuel. For most people it takes about 12 hours to burn through their glucose stores, which means that the remaining 4 hours is all fat burning.

I should note that keto dieting isn’t for everyone, and I don’t recommend that you start a ketogenic diet without consulting your doctor. While there are lots of studies talking about the short term advantages of keto dieting for weight loss there isn’t much on the long term effects of the diet on adults


I’ll be blunt: I missed every gaming I goal I had over the last month.

I’ve yet to finish reading through my Delta Green Handler’s Guide…which makes my goal of putting a short campaign together a little difficult. Podcast: The Wreckening hasn’t had new show recorded in weeks. To top that all off I didn’t do a lick of roleplaying in January. Not a very successful RPG month

My gaming time has instead been filled up by playing the Anthem demo on PS4, working on my Triumphs in Destiny 2, and model building. I think that I may have too many damned hobbies.

That’s not a thunderstrike gauntlet, THIS is a thunderstrike gauntlet!
Big stompy robots need plenty of dakka.

You can see more of my model building and miniature painting work on Facebook at Arizona Wargaming Studio or on Instagram @azwargamingstudio.

For February have a few specific RPG related goals

  • Finish reading through my Delta Green materials
  • Finish my game submission for Arizona Game Fair
  • Record and publish an episode of the Podcast

A special note on that last goal: there are some major changes coming for the Podcast. The cast and I are getting together next week to record and we’ll be sharing what’s going on then.

That about does it for the February update. See you next time!

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