Fit2GM – January, 2019

The new year is ringing in some changes here at, not the least of which is a new monthly blog feature: Fit2GM. Every month I’ll be recording my efforts to get healthy, get social and get gaming and share them with you all. It’s my way of motivating myself by using all of you as accountability partners.

The story so far…

At the end of September 2018 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). At the time I weighed in over 525 pounds and was 100% sedentary. When you’re that heavy all physical activity hurts. The short walk from the parking lot to my office at work felt like it was miles because of back and extreme knee pain. When I was at my heaviest I fell out of my home office chair leaning over to pick up something off the floor…and I almost decided that I was going to die there because getting up was so painful.

Body weight is a somewhat controversial topic in T2D circles. While diabetes is commonly thought of as a ‘fat person disease’ there are many people of a normal weight who suffer from the condition. My own doctor told me that while weight certainly complicated my condition the real problem was that I lost the genetic lottery. Since several people in my family have diabetes the changes of my developing the disease at some point was pretty high.

The diagnosis was wake up call. For the first time I had a serious, chronic complication that I could tie back to my lifestyle. My A1C was 10.6. For the uninitiated your A1C is a bell weather of your average blood glucose over the preceding 90 days or so, and my score was insanely high. Something had to change.

I made two high level goals for myself. The first goal was to get my A1C down to a pre-diabetic level of 6.0 or less. The second was to slim down to 250 pounds or less. I immediately started a low carb diet and 90 days later my A1C was down to 5.6 and I had lost 57 pounds. That is where I am today.


That brings us to this new monthly feature. Every month I’m going to post an update covering several items:

  • My current weight including a picture of my actual weight from my bathroom scale.
  • Picture of what I look like to catalogue the physical changes to my body.
  • My average blood glucose for the previous month.
  • An update on the tactics I am using to get my results.
  • And finally, because this is a RPG relate site, an update on my gaming exploits.

Lets go!

My weight as of this morning is 473.8 pounds. At this point I have lost a total of 57 pounds.

Based on these pictures I’m still pretty fat…also I really need to wash that mirror.

My average blood sugar for the past 30 days it 119 mg/dl which translates to an A1C between 5.5 and 5.6. That’s the high end of normal or pre-diabetc depending on who you ask. In either case it means that my blood sugar is currently under control.

I have been following an extremely low carb, high fat diet and will continue to do so. My daily carb limit is 30 nets carbs. 60% or more of my daily calories will come from fat, while the rest will be protein (less whatever carbs I consume), and I will do my best to stay under 2000 calories each day. After dropping 57 pounds I’ve found that walking isn’t quite so painful, so I am planning on experimenting with some light daily cardio.

From a gaming perspective I’m reading through my new Delta Green books and am planning to work up a short campaign centering around deadly sound and social media. I may talk about that more in a mid-month update.

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