Fit2GM – July 2019

This one is going to be short and sweet. I’ve been lax all the way around, and its time to turn that around.


As I mentioned last month I have hit the “Maxwell Weight Loss Wall”. It hasn’t really gotten any better:

  • I have not been using my food journal lately.
  • I have not been monitoring my blood sugar regularly.
  • I have not been weighing every week.
  • I have not been following my diet protocol.
  • I have not joined a gym.

So basically I’ve failed in all my health goals for the past month. I still managed to loose a pound, somehow, but a tiny net loss doesn’t negate the fact that I’ve been a slack ass for more than a month now. I don’t have a death wish, but someone watching my behavior over the past 6 weeks or so might think otherwise.

We’re going to dispense with the pics and charts this week. Sufficed to say that I’ve not improved, but neither my weight nor diabetes numbers have tanked either.

Fit goal for July:

  • Use My Fitness Pal daily. Every meal and snack logged,
  • Monitor my blood sugar four times daily: Once when I wake up in the morning. Once before breakfast. Once two hour after breakfast. Once before dinner.
  • Join one of the two gyms that are less than a mile from my house.


Gaming hasn’t been a whole lot better this month. I can tell you why: Destiny 2.

I have a habit of fixating on one particular recreational activity at a time. Once I get into that mode other hobbies tend to fall by the wayside. Destiny 2 released a new DLC. I found some new friends to play with. Everything else was left to molder.

I did get in a session of NWoD mortals game, which was a good time, but everything else RPG wise has come to a halt. I’ve record another episode of BadWrongFun that has yet to be edited. I’ve not touched an RPG book besides the ones need to play that one session. I’ve not worked on any of the other RPG projects I’ve got laying around.

GM goals for July:

  • Play less Destiny 2.
  • Work on at least one of the campaign projects I have notes on, but have yet finish preparing.
  • Try to play in two sessions of some kind of RPG over the month.
  • Finish editing and publish the episode of BadWrongFun I have recorded.

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