Hire Offshore Technical Support Specialists

It’s time to hire the best offshore technical support specialists & improve the overall support team of your business.

  • Contact us, share your requirements & goals, and onboard the best technical support specialists.

  • Let efficient technical support specialists effectively support the technical needs of your customers.

  • We source only expert technical support specialists who are competent in resolving issues with clients' computer networks and peripheral devices remotely.

Send your staffing requirements, and we will be in touch with lightning speed.

Hiring remote technical support specialists has become easier and more cost-effective than ever with us. You can hire offshore technical support specialists for only $10/hour. Isn’t that amazing?

We have an efficient screening process. We check all your requirements and source the best remote staff from our database. You will get multiple options to hire the best technical support staff.

Your customers may disagree to continue with you if you fail to provide on-time and effective technical support services. Even if there is a detailed user manual, your customers may wish to hear from you about their needs. You can hire offshore technical support specialists and resolve your client’s issues as soon as possible. Help your valuable customers whenever they need you and retain them in long term with expert tech support specialists.

Why it is Strategic to Hire Technical Support Specialists?

It conveys a customer-centric culture

In the era of social media, clients anticipate receiving prompt resolutions to their complaints and inquiries. You can further encourage a customer-first mindset by connecting callers to a dedicated support desk.

Cost savings that can be substantial

By hiring a remote technical support staff, you can save money because you won’t need to set aside money for staffing, training, and technology purchases.

You can resolve issues more quickly

When instructions and advice are given through cordial dialogues, clients can better comprehend the answers and follow up with inquiries.

Tech support optimizes your reputation

Your customers will appreciate having a variety of options for technical help, including phone, email, chat, and social media.

Role of Offshore Technical Support Specialists

  • Install and configure computer systems and related applications virtually.

  • Sustain productivity and resolve tickets containing technical requests or issues brought up by other virtual staff members or customers.

  • Make recommendations to your customers after analyzing technical applications to maximize the computer systems' capabilities.

  • Collect technical information and data that you can use for effective decision-making.

Why Hire Offshore Technical Support Specialists?

  • It enables a customer-centric culture. In the era of social media, customers anticipate receiving prompt resolutions to their issues and inquiries. You can build and maintain a customer-first mindset by connecting tech specialists to a dedicated support desk.

  • Improve human relationships to win the trust of your customers: Direct communication with an online live support specialist or email support is a great approach in omnichannel to enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Reduce your labor cost by up to 70%. With the help of the offshore technical support team, you can save money because you won't need to set aside money for sourcing and recruiting.

  • All paperwork, filings, and categorization for the W8-BEN members who will work for you are handled by us.

  • Only two candidates are matched for client interviews out of every 100 applications, advancing our selection process in terms of offshore technical support specialists.

How To Get Started With CrewBloom?

Start hiring now and get the best offshore technical support specialists for your business!

  • Discovery Call

    We'll outline our model as well as the project, scope of work, goals, reports, active hours, and all other responsibilities.

  • Agreement + Initial Invoice

    We collect payments through credit card and ACH.

  • Candidate Introductions

    Next, you'll be sent pre-vetted, hand-selected candidate profiles.

  • Candidate Selection

    You will select who you want to invite to join training.

  • Training

    You will provide the training because you know the specifics of your business and operations better than we do.