Often, software that provides the most value to companies is complex and hard to learn. From becoming familiar with the system to uploading data and generating workflows, it takes time for teams to understand how they can generate actionable insights from the software they implement.

If you are a company using business intelligence, CRM, or ERP tools for the first time, you probably don’t have experience with in-house support. Maybe your team uses this software but does not know how to translate customer data into a report. Conversely, you might have the skills and experience but are too busy to worry about implementing new tools. Either way, hiring an implementation support specialist makes your team cost-efficient.

Experienced in Software Implementation

Typically, employees do not have the experience in building or adapting workflows for digital platforms or tools unless they are software specialists. As a result, companies often take a reactive stance to implementation. They “test the waters” with the software and put it through several trial and error cycles before finding their groove.

Hiring a software specialist means becoming more intentional about creating systems for your team, and we have CrewBloomers for that. We help you build, adapt, and manage software for your business. They are experts in planning for potential sticking points in your workflows.

Often, businesses that want to roll out software don’t know that there are processes for building and launching these products. Speaking with our CrewBloomers should be your first step – especially if you don’t have sufficient experience in implementing software.

It is unreasonable to expect a current employee to learn industry trends quickly. Any worker would need months to study best practices in implementation or handle the complexities of managing software solutions, whether customized or off-the-shelf. If you DIY this part of your operations, you risk not being able to produce quick results. What’s more, if the employee commits errors in implementation, an outside firm will have to come in and clean up the mess, which will cost you both time and money.

Adept at Launches and Customization

We’re not saying your team isn’t fantastic. For example, you might have a sales manager familiar with the basics of your CRM tools, but they might not know how to clean databases or customize your software for your company’s needs. When you hire a software implementation support specialist through us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your workflow – your entire process, end-to-end – is in the hands of someone with several launches under their belt.

For example, most new software program installations are complex processes. It becomes even more complicated when you consider the particular needs of migrating from legacy systems. If your team uses off-the-shelf solutions, you need to get them configured to deliver a solution that fits your company’s requirements. The process for custom-built software is even more involved. When you don’t have the technical expertise in-house or the learning curve for implementation and integration is too steep, hiring someone with experience is better than training an employee.

Hiccups during the launch won’t be an issue – when you hire a CrewBloomer, you are getting someone who knows how to navigate software bugs, prevent delays, and enable your smooth transition to new software and workflows.

Cost-Effective and Highly Qualified

At times, the obstacle to successful implementation is a limited budget or short timeline. Many small businesses don’t have the wiggle room in their budget for costly delays, and they cannot resort to spending more until they solve a problem. When you hire an implementation support specialist, you know that you’ll only be getting a quote commensurate with their experiences.

Hiring one of our CrewBloomers is the perfect option if you aren’t well-versed in software development, can’t devote time to managing an overseas team, and don’t want to bring on a full-time employee for this work.

Our skilled software implementation support specialists can fill the gap and internally manage your new software rollout. If your business or institution is on legacy software with thousands of reports and extensive databases, migrating to a new system will be daunting to the inexperienced. Leave this task to us – doing so lets your IT department focus on more strategic concerns.

Hire a CrewBloomer

With our streamlined hiring process, you don’t have to worry about screening candidates, preparing contracts, and onboarding your software implementation support specialist. On our first meeting, our growth experts will clarify your team’s requirements and goals. Then, we get to sourcing and vetting specialists – you should have your candidates within days.

Before you start training, you’ll hand-pick which professionals you want to work with – we make sure to hire only the top two percent of applicants, so you know you are choosing among the best! Best of all, CrewBloom offers proper demo After 40 hours, if you’re unhappy with our talent for any reason, we won’t charge you a single cent!