Hire Offshore Business Development Representatives

Hire offshore business development representative for $12/hour - Go live in 48 to 72 hours.

  • Offshore staff members will handle the business development.

  • Start dealing with new markets and execute new strategies in 72 hours.

  • CrewBloomers start performing and engaging the in-house team with a proper fraction of the cost.

Send your staffing requirements, and we will be in touch with lightning speed.

CrewBloom is redefining how companies scale teams and acquire new team members as a remote staffing agency. Our strategic service encourages companies to take advantage of the global talent pool to scale faster, easier, and in a cost-effective way. Compared to traditional recruiting approaches, our distinctive recruitment services cut corporate expenditures by as much as 70% annually.

We are a platform for matching virtual sales and support staff, CrewBloom collaborates with rapidly expanding businesses and matches them to carefully pre-screened and pre-vetted candidates in our pipeline. Aside from significantly reducing our client’s hiring costs by up to 70%, we also help them be fully compliant when hiring virtual staff, managing payroll, and overseeing day-to-day workforce management.
CrewBloom acts as a bridge between a vast pool of global talent and businesses seeking qualified sales, support, and other professionals. It is never been easier to find remote BDR for your company:

  • We match you with your dream remote staff within 72 hours.

  • Your remote staff manages your sales tasks.

  • We will bill you just $12/hour for the hours worked every other week.

Why Hire a Remote BDR?​

Here are the major advantages of working with an effective remote staffing agency:

Providing you with the ability to create new opportunities

A remote salesforce allows you to expand your reach into new verticals and geographic areas faster. BDRs who generate and qualify leads for you effortlessly and effectively can be utilized to test new markets, launch new products, and create new opportunities for AEs.

Better leads from BDR’s prospecting efforts fill your pipeline

Adding team members and hiring remote business dev staff in teams, will equate to a higher volume of leads per month. The BD team collaborates with your sales team to determine your lead qualification criteria. They then use this information to bring you leads that are more likely to close. Volume and quality of leads are critical to the success of the company.

Have Instant access to a team of high-performance remote staff​

Offshoring allows you to avoid having to wait for a group of BDRs to gain experience. Talent are acquired immediately. The BDRs that agencies use are highly specialized and may have years of expertise in generating leads and prospecting.

BDRs will give you more free time

Offshoring allows you to avoid having to wait for a group of BDRs to gain experience. Talent are acquired immediately. The BDRs that agencies use are highly specialized and may have years of expertise in generating leads and prospecting.

Gaining Flexibility

When done internally, changes to your BDR program can be expensive and time-consuming. With offshoring, you have the freedom to adjust your sales requirements as well as quickly expand new programs. They also understand how to move resources where they are most needed, lowering costs while maintaining high productivity and successful outcomes.

Improving client retention and satisfaction​

Your onshore staff will have more time to focus on developing relationships with your clients, your offshore team will complement your onshore team. Since there are more focused tasks your client success or operations teams will be free from taking hybrid roles that saturate their focus, and other responsibilities like cold calling, prospecting, and other sales development activities will be delegated to your remote team.

Role of a Business Development Representative

Why Choose CrewBloom?

CrewBloom empowers startups and Fortune 500 companies to scale with the talent they need!

  • Compliance

    All paperwork, filings, and categorization for the w8-BEN contractors who will work for you are handled by us.

  • No Contract

    We don’t demand that our customers sign contracts that bind them. We only need two weeks’ notice if you decide to end the partnership.

  • Global HR Specialists

    Our international contractors are fully compliant, thanks to a team of HR professionals on our staff.

  • Top 2%

    Only two candidates are matched for client interviews out of every 100 applications that advance to our selection process.

  • Client Success Team

    Before you are sent applicants, your client success manager will contact you to introduce yourself. They will serve as your “go-to” contact person for the duration of the collaboration.

  • Compliance & HR Experts

    Hiring remote staff from other countries still requires legal and compliance work. CrewBloom takes care of that for you.

  • No Contract

    We will not bind you to a locked-in contract in order to work with us. Cancel anytime when you no longer need our services.