PtW Season 2 Ep10: Don’t Hate the Player…Seriously.

In this episode of Podcast: The Wrecking the crew talks about the inclusiveness in gaming.

  • Inclusiveness at convention game tables.
  • How do you encourage players to play who might normally feel unwelcome?
  • Harassment of women at convention gaming tables. How do you prevent it at your games, are there any adjustments you make based on who joins the games?
  • Have you seen incidents of harassment or women being driven from convention games?
  • How would you, or how have you, the convention game coordinators and GMs, deal with harassment between players at your games?
  • The above questions, but about your personal gaming experiences ­ not running games at cons.
  • In general, how do you encourage players who are intimidated by playing at a con?

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Hosts: Dave, Josh, Darrell and Curb

Links from the show:

Tsunamicon 2016

Newb vs Noob

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