Fit2GM – April 2019

I turned 40 in March. Let’s talk about my midlife crisis.


I lost weight in March, but it happened over the first two weeks. I stalled out again the last two weeks of the month. I think that I may be eating too many of what I call “incidental carbs”. That is to say that I occasionally nibble: a bite of bread here, a french fry there, etc. The problem is that I don’t really track the nibbling in MyFitnessPal, so it’s possible that it’s pushing me above my daily carb limits and stalling out ketosis.

Net weight loss for March was 12 pounds, which brings my total weight loss to 82 pounds. My birthday weight was 448 pounds. I have 238 pounds to go in order to hit my goal weight of 210. That seems like a hefty loss for a single month, right?

Downward progress over the last 180 days

Wrong. 8 of those pounds came off in a single week. 4 came of the next week. The rest of month has been spent flirting with 450 pounds. These bursts in weight loss don’t strike me as particularly healthy from a physical health perspective and, more importantly, they sure as hell play havoc on my mental health.

On a happier note, my coworkers started making comments about my weight loss this month. Apparently I am looking a bit slimmer than in days gone by. I still don’t really see it, of course, but it’s nice to hear.

My doctor of 38 years retired at the beginning of March, so I’ve started seeing a new guy to manage my diabetes. He ordered a fresh round of labs, which turned out to be great! I have reached my a1c goal of 5.4. My LDL and HDL cholesterol are in the optimal range. My kidney function is in the super optimal range. All of this in spite of my eating a very high fat, low carb diet.


March of a mixed bag from a gaming perspective.

Preparation for the new podcast, BadWrongFun, continues. The team recorded a bunch of bumpers. I commissioned a new logo. We’ve started sorting out topics. The first episode should drop in April. We’re going to be talking about separating art from artist in light of the multiple instances of abuse accusations leveled against RPG designers over the past two years.

You can not keep a bad squirrel down!

My miniatures painting studio has undergone a refit. The gaming table has moved out to a separate room and I’ve added a second 7 foot work bench. A SLA/DLP 3D printer has been added to my tool kit as well. I also bought a new streaming computer so that I can shared my miniatures painting exploits with the world! This, folks, is how I’m expressing my midlife crisis…

It’s not a Ferrari, but I’m not really a car guy

Unfortunately I missed Arizona Game Fair. Vehicle issues at home resulted in my having to adult that weekend. It really put a dent in my gaming plans for the month since going to the convention was really my only gaming plan.

That brings us to goal for April:

  • Continue prep for the Delta Green game
  • A new COD Mortals game is starting with the Wrecking Crew locally…GO PLAY IN IT
  • Finish up an Infinity miniatures comission

That about does it. I will see you all next month.

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