Fit2GM – June 2019

Here I are once again, flailing chaotically about in an attempt to improve both my physical and gaming health…and not feeling particularly successful at either.


Let’s rip the band-aid off shall we? I’ve been pretty damn lax at monitoring my diet. This fits a pattern involving basically every diet I’ve been on: I follow the protocol strictly for 8-ish months, then I start to slack. Pretty soon I’m off the diet completely and gain a bunch of weight back. Only this time I have diabetes to deal with, so I have potentially serious consequences to face if I fall off the wagon completely. Yay!

That isn’t to say that I haven’t lost weight this month. I am down 4 pounds from May, with a final weight of 440 pounds. My total weight loss to date is 90 pounds. I have 230 pounds to go in order to reach my goal weight of 210 pounds.

You’re probably thinking something along the lines of “This guy lost 4 pounds. Why is he moaning about it?”. There are two answers to that. First, I’m not doing it the right way. Following the protocol should result in a steady 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week. I go through the month alternating between straying from my protocol just enough to stall my weight loss to strict adherence. I end up losing all that weight in a single week. Yo-yo weight loss like that is not healthy

Anyway, lets get to the pics…

On the diabetes front it’s been an odd month. I experienced my first episode of hypoglycemia. The body releases glucose from your liver right around the time that you wake up in order to provide fuel to get you going. Some diabetics suffer from an extreme version of this liver dumping referred to as the “Dawn Phenomenon” where liver dumping is is excessive and occurs well before they wake up. The result is a spike in fasting blood sugar. I am one of these lucky people.

I woke up one morning only to find that my fasting blood sugar was 154. That’s way out of range of my usual numbers. Faced with such a high number I made the foolhardy decision to take my morning of glipizide without eating breakfast. An hour and half later I was walking into work when I started to feel dizzy and had the shakes. A glucose test showed that I dropped down to 65…not enough to trigger a call from my diabetes coach (who gets notified by meter automatically if I drop to 50 or below), but I was in the “danger zone”.

Since I don’t carry glucose tabs I was forced to eat a candy bar from the vending machine. It was good, I’m not ashamed to say, but it did bring my levels back up to normal. It also knocked me out of ketosis, which basically killed me weight loss that week.

At any rate my levels are holding steady. Both my 30 and 90 day average is 114, which puts me at an a1c between 5.3 and 5.4. I’m not really making headway towards my goal of 5.1, but I am holding at a healthy level. I’ll take it.

Fit goals for this month:

  • Complete my food journal daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Go check out the two gyms that are closest to my house.
  • buy a membership, assuming they have recumbent bikes.


I’m in a reoccurring Chronicles of Darkness game. The group is a bunch of trauma survivors who participate in an experimental group therapy protocol. Some of the NPC members have had miraculous recoveries, but disappeared a few days later. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on, and I’m having a good time doing it.

We recorded the second episode of BadWrongFun titled “The X-Card is Dumb?“, and got a comment about it from X-Card creator John Stavropoulos:

What I really like about this reply is that episode wasn’t totally pro X-Card. My goal for the show is to examine divisive topics within the RPG community from all sides, without the need to push any viewpoint as the “correct take”. I do this because in the era of social media its easier than every to surround oneself with media that agrees with whatever you hot take is on any given topic. Echo chambers are a huge driver of tribalism with the community in my estimation, and I want to tear them down. It doesn’t matter to me where a person lands on any particular topic, but I do care about making sure that all takes are examined. That John would praise the show even though it wasn’t 100% supportive of his creation is very, very gratifying.

My only real gaming issue this month ironically involves a different type of gaming. I’ve joined a new clan in Destiny, and I’ve been playing a lot. A lot. Too much, and to the exclusion of my other hobbies. While it’s great fun finally having active players to engage with regularly again, it’s consuming all my time. I didn’t put brush to model more than once in May, and did zero work on anything related to table top role playing other than play in a single session. I really need to balance my hobby life.

All that leaves is goals for the upcoming month:

  • Play in the Chronicles of Darkness game.
  • I want to start a new reoccurring blog series detailing my process for creating a new campaign. I’m going to start two of them. The first will be for a Delta Green story. The second will be for an adaptation of the Destiny video game for Savage Worlds.
  • Play less Destiny so I have time for other hobbies.

That wraps up this month. See you again next time!

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