Fit2GM – March 2019

Welcome back to another edition of Fit2GM! Lets jump right into it…


The month of February turned out to be the worst game of hide and seek ever. I spent the last threes week loosing 2 pounds, only for them to track me down and hit me with a flying body tackle. It’s been a little frustrating to say the least.

Net weight loss for the month of February was 2 pounds, bringing me to a total of 70 pounds lost. My current weight is 460 pounds, leaving me with 250 pounds to lose in order to reach my goal weight of 210 pounds. That number is a bit daunting, so I’m focusing on my week to week results instead. My trend is still downward, which is the important thing.

I’m up and down over the last 90 days, but mostly down.

I seem to have hit a plateau over the past couple of weeks. My diet hasn’t changed in meaningful way. I’m still sticking to my macro and calorie goals, but the scale just isn’t budging. Plateaus are not all that uncommon for people on a keto diet, according to the internet anyway, and I’ve got a few options to break through it.

One suggestion is to relax my carb restriction for a day. It’s natural for your body to adjust it’s metabolism to a low carb, calorie restricted diet plan and fight losing weight eventually. The idea behind adding carbs back in is to reset that mechanism. Since I’m diabetic I ran the idea by my doctor. He tells me that it’s probably fine so long as my blood sugar is otherwise under control, and that transient spike in blood sugar isn’t likely to result in any complications of the disease.

Another option is to double down on carb restriction. This would mean dropping from 30 nets carbs per day to zero net carbs, or as close to it as possible, for several days. The fewer carbs you provide to your body the more aggressively it has to metabolize fat…or so the theory goes.

I haven’t decided which option I’m going to try…but the carb day certainly sounds more appealing!

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And now the pics…

Things are largely unchanged on the diabetes front. Number are holding steady at 117. No real progress towards my a1c goal of 5.4, but no backsliding either. I’ll take it.

Pretty consistent results.


There has been a lot going on.

I’ve just about finished reading through Delta Green. Of all the Cthulhu games I’ve played over the years Delta Green has got to be my favorite. It’s got just the right mix of crunch and narrative mechanics for a neo-trad gamer like myself. I’ve started working on a Delta Green campaign focused the idea of Social Media being a construct of eldritch beings.

Work continues on my renegade knight titan for Warhammer 40k. The build is done and I’m now in the process of priming all the sub-assemblies. Priming a model has a tendency to reveal any flaws in the build, especially mold lines and gaps, so once priming is done I’ve have a bit more work to do until I start painting in earnest.

Then there is the podcast. The run of Podcast: The Wreckening ended a few weeks ago and now I am working on a number of new shows:

Bad Wrong Fun: A round table discussion about various RPG topics. It’s not going to be an advice show. Instead it will focus on folks with different opinions discussing the RPG topic of the day. The show will not shy away from difficult, divisive topics.

Fit 2 GM: Equal parts audio blog and tips for trying to live healthy in the gaming world. It’ll be two segments: the first being about gaming healthy, and the second being focus advice on a specific GM-related topic.

Zero Hour (working title): An audio-drama-light show exploring the fluff side of the World of Darkness. In this show an inquisitive hunter will interview various denizens of the World of Darkness.

From the Ashes: RPG world building with each run focusing on a specific project.

Actual Play (no specific name): We’d like to publish some actual play content on it’s own feed.

Inside the Game Master’s Studio: One GM being interviewed by another. Anecdotes and storytelling

It’s a lot, and likely not all of it will come to fruition. I really do enjoy podcasting though so it’ll be fun trying to make it all happen.

Now lets get to the goals for March:

  • Finish basic prep for the Delta Green game.
  • Record the first Episode of Bad Wrong Fun.
  • Enjoy Arizona Game Fair at the end of the month.

That wraps up the March update. See you next time!

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