Case Study: scaleMatters

  • About the Company:

    scaleMatters provides early and growth stage B2B companies with world-class Revenue Operations and
    Intelligence previously accessible only to larger companies.

  • Industry:

    IT Services and IT Consulting


scaleMatters is a data-first business intelligence company that enables CEOs and revenue leaders to understand the end-to-end cost-effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategies. They tapped CrewBloom’s support outsourcing services to fill in the gap in their manual processes and improve their team’s overall efficiency.
  • Challenges

    The nature of their business and their customers meant that they would receive a high number of inbound customer service calls, emails, and social media inquiries. With a limited number of employees, Brock Beauty did not have the capability to handle all inquiries in a timely manner.

    They also wanted to reduce labor costs to allocate more funds for marketing and expansion activities. Brock Beauty found CrewBloom’s outsourcing model is the most cost-effective way to scale their customer service operations and improve the maximum efficiency of their process.

  • Solution

    CrewBloom has formed a team of specialists that engage with and respond to their user base – more like fanbase- via phone, chat, and email. The team is also responsible for Brock Beauty’s social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. An Account Manager was assigned to oversee their day to day activities, delegate tasks, and track productivity while ensuring timely resolutions on all tickets submitted.

  • Results

    CrewBloom has resolved the two main challenges Brock Beauty faced before partnering with CrewBloom. Not only have we achieved a 100% resolution rate however maintained an average 5 star customer satisfaction score rating. In addition, their costs were reduced by over 70% in comparison to the cost of onshore talent.