Case Study: Traject

  • About the Company:

    Traject delivers a suite of marketing technology that will hit the mark to help you grow.

  • Industry:

    Software Development


Traject engaged CrewBloom’s services in customer support outsourcing that can help them scale a remote team affordably. Overall, Traject’s main challenge is scaling their customer support team remotely whilst working within a budget.

Selection Process

  • What made CrewBloom’s solution stand out from others?

    CrewBloom was extremely thorough and walked us through every step of the decision-making process. Our candidates were truly tailored to us and our needs.

  • What was most appealing about CrewBloom’s partnership?

    It was really helpful for us that CrewBloom had the ability to try different agents if needed. Any hesitation that comes with a quick 15-minute interview for someone we've never met was resolved with the flexibility CrewBloom offered.


  • What made CrewBloom’s solution stand out over others?

    Onboarding/ramp-up takes 30 days.

  • How did our team help with implementation?

    Our assigned Client Success Manager was looped into our process and goals and kept me in the loop on anything the team was saying on their side, which was really helpful.